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Descanso y Consuelo / Music for Palliative Care


Circle of Love practitioners are certified in music-thanatology, a clinical profession within the broader field of palliative care. Certified music-thanatologists have completed a rigorous two-year training program and certification process; there are currently fewer than 100 worldwide.  

A music-thanatology visit (termed a music vigil) is most appropriate for patients in the latter stages of illness or for those in acute physical, emotional or spiritual pain. Musical care can be efffective for patients of any age, hearing capacity or level of awareness. Referrals are welcome from anyone: physician, nurse, chaplain, social worker, patient, family member or caregiver.

Since ancient times music and medicine have partnered to care for and comfort the sick. Continuing in that tradition, music-thanatology's unique blend of artistry and clinical expertise is proving to be an effective and honored support service available in hospices, hospitals and nursing homes. 

To learn more about music-thanatology, please visit: